Come on a journey full of singing, dancing and adventure with Wozza from Australia and his eight Australian animal friends (and a gum tree named Breanna The Gum Tree!)

The Magical Mountain fury folk get up to all sorts of different activities and have great messages for the children (and the adults too) with the help of Wozza’s thoughtfully written and energetically performed songs.

There’s Stewie Koala, Locky Cocky, Spikey Echidna, Ellie Emu, Pippy The Mountain Pygmy Possum, Willy Wombat, Suzie Roo, Radical Rat and along with Breanna The Gum Tree, they help address important topics and issues such as bullying, making new friends, helping others when in need, building a healthy self esteem and encouraging respect and empathy for all.

They like to raise environmental and cultural awareness, and as well as being sun-smart, they also encourage healthy eating and active living in their songs, as well as displaying their musical and dancing prowess and passing it on to the audience; all whist having a fun time grooving to their own lively tunes.

You will learn all about these special native animals during the shows and when listening to the CDs too and you will learn why they and their dancing gum tree friend Breanna The Gum Tree, are so important to us, to each other and to Australia.

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