Stewie Koala

Stewie is a Koala that Loves Gum Leaves, Counting, Clapping in Time, Dancing, Surfing and Swimming…


Locky Cocky

Locky the cockatoo loves flying, gliding, eating well and staying healthy…


Spikey Echidna

Spikey the Echidna loves digging for food and also just digging for fun with her friends…


Ellie Emu

Ellie Loves running, helping others and playing in playgrounds. One time she had to run around Australia in a day!


Pippy Possum

Pippy Loves to go skiing in her home in the mountains, and loves to travel to iconic places in Australia, very quickly!


Willy Wombat

Willy loves to sleep a lot, but when we wake him up he loves to do his dance, go on bush walks, play on swings and keep fit…


Suzie Roo

Suzie loves hopping and bouncing around in the Australian bush and shows us that teamwork is very important and that sometimes the best things in life, are not necessarily things…


AT_0000_Rad Rat

Radical Rat

Radical Rat is one cool Australian Bush Rat! He loves doing handstands, cartwheels, bouncing on trampolines and riding his skateboard.

Breanna Gum Tree

Breanna loves to sway in the breeze, provide shade, food and shelter for many living things and most importantly, she helps our planet breathe…